natural hair puff and curly ponytail

What is a PuffCuff?

It’s the million dollar natural question, how can you get the perfect puff.
Every natural at some point has come in crossroads with putting their hair in what is called the “Puff”. The puff is also known as the ponytail but with all natural hair. Trust me there is a big difference.

PuffCuff Clip for natural hair and curly puff ponytailSo what is a PuffCuff? A circular banana clip in the simplest of terms.  However, it definitely solves the issue of the incredible puff. Since it’s circular you can simply gather your hair to the middle of your hair and hook the PuffCuff around it which is a ton easier than an elastic band.

What is it made of? Plastic

Where is it made? USA

Price: $10.00 – $14.99

Pros: Fast styling, fairly priced, minority owned, extremely convenient

Cons: Usually works best on wet hair, low grade material quality, Sharp sheared edges may cause damage, clamp doesn’t feel secure

How to Use:natural hair puff and curly ponytail



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